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Domestic cleaning

When we’re busy, coming home to a messy house can intensify that feeling of choas. We believe that a clean home, contributes to a clean mind. That’s why we clean and tidy with the aim of creating harmony and cleanliness. We do this by organising symmetrically and cleaning thoroughly, using our own cleaning products which will leave your home smelling sweet! We also have a range of associated services such as free grocery delivery, oven and carpet cleaning which we can provide in combination with domestic cleaning.

Cali Cleaning London

Cleaning and tidying

Cleaning is now more important than ever. In this climate, ensuring that high traffic touchpoints are cleaned is very important and we make this our priority. Items such as door handles and banisters with may typically be overlooked one of our key focuses.

We also understand the value of order. We use subtle but satisfying techniques such as arranging items symmetrically in order to create the orderly and harmonious feeling you get from rooms which look like the one pictured.

Simplicity is key

We strive for simplicity particularly for our regular bookings. Once a regular booking has been setup:

Step 1 – We agree which tasks need to be done and create a schedule

Step 2Optional – We can hold your key. The cleaner can then clean when you’re not home

Step 3We automatically take payment from your nominated card after the booking is complete

Step 4You can simply message us with instructions for the next cleaning session


Cali Cleaning London
Cali Cleaning London

Free delivery from The Simple Store

Forgot toothpaste the last time you went shopping? Only have one bin liner left and keep forgetting to pick them up when you go shopping? Or can you just not be asked to stand in a queue? Free delivery from The Simple Store can help! When your cleaner shows up to clean, they can also bring your groceries with them and if its heavy we’ll arrange free delivery to arrive while your cleaner is there.

Domestic cleaning




Our cleaner(s) will have their own gloves and face mask and will greet you from a safe distance.

We will create a schedule personalised to the needs of your home. It ensures that all of your home’s cleaning needs are covered.

Receive Oriel’s Make Your Own Hand Sanitiser Kit for £5. Half price from the original price of £9.99. That works out to £2.50 per 50ml spray bottle.

Surfaces such as switches and door handles can sometimes be overlooked.

We clean to a high level using tried and tested techniques and products

We offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the quality of our clean, we will come back and reclean free of charge.

Longer contract terms and long standing customers can receive upto 10% discount.

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