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Office cleaning

Cali Cleaning London
Good hygiene is now more important than ever to keep your staff and your business open. We provide quality cleaning with highly effective, food safe cleaning solutions and a dedicated account manager who can address your queries.
Cali Cleaning London

Prioritising safety

In the current climate we understand that a hygienic is not only preferable but a necessity to keep your business open and your staff safe. Cross contamination is a major concern and that is why we focus our cleaning on high traffic touchpoints such as handles, light switches, computer keyboards etc. 

We also make a point to clean at off peak hours when staff are not in the office and we can thoroughly clean workspaces without disrupting productivity. Your personalised schedule will ensure we cover all your cleaning needs within a 4 week cycle. We value loyalty so offer discounts for longer commitments and long standing business relationships.
Cali Cleaning London
Cali Cleaning London

Exclusive discounts on luxury hand sanitiser

Oriel’s hand sanitisers are deeply moisturising while still a strong 70% strength solution. These hand sanitisers kill bacteria on your staffs hands as well as leaving their hands feeling soft and moisturised. More basic solutions often dry out hands causing irritation. We offer an exclusive discount to business users needing orders of 12 or more hand sanitising sprays.

Regular cleaning



Price per hour


Our cleaner(s) will have their own gloves and face mask and will greet you from a safe distance.

We can offer cleaning at off peaking so as to ensure we can clean thoroughly and avoid interruption of your business operations

We will create a schedule personalised to the needs of your business. It ensures that all of your business’s cleaning needs are covered in a 4 week cycle.

We provide itemised invoices as standard, so no hidden fees. 

Your business will be assigned an account manager who will do monthly check ins to ensure you are satisfied.

We will vacuum, swab and disinfect your computers, paying particulrly attention to keyboards and computer mice, using highly effective Isopropyl Alcohol.

Surfaces such as switches and door handles can sometimes be overlooked by regular cleaners. We will use high strength cleaning products to thorough disinfect surfaces with higher risk of transmitting disease and infection.

We use effective disinfectant products including Isopropyl Alcohol and a Food Safe Multi Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser which is tested to EN1276, anti-viral EN14476 and anti-fungal EN1650 standards. The multi surface cleaner we use, contains an active ingredient which has been laboratory tested and proven effective against Coronavirus SARS-COV-2.*

We can provide large equipment such as vacuum, and mop for a rental fee.

Longer contract terms and long standing customers can receive upto 10% discount.

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